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Fic: Jon/Daenerys (A Song of Ice and Fire fandom) - "The First" NC-17

Title: The First
Author: turnedskyward
Rating: A hearty NC-17
Pairing: Jon/Daenerys
Summary: Dany pays Jon a midnight visit in the castle. Decidedly PWP.
Author's Notes: Initially written as comment pr0n but refined and now presented as a gift to xylodemon who requested J/D ages ago. Thanks to karenhealey for the beta. Feedback is highly encouraged!

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Fic: R/D "A Christmas Story or, Five Ways to Make Ron Weasley's Head Explode."

Title: A Christmas Story or, Five Ways to Make Ron Weasley's Head Explode.
Author: turnedskyward
Rating: PG-13 for language and such.
Pairing: Ron/Draco
Length: 1700 words.
Summary: Post Hogwarts. Ron and Draco live together, but none of his friends know. They have a Christmas party and Draco must hide himself somehow, hilarity ensues.
Author's Notes: Written for marginalia's Wedding!Fic challenge, though somewhere along the way it went a little off track. In any case, it is still a gift for therainbowsnork. Thank you for leading me to a pairing I would have never even considered writing and one with which I have had a great deal of fun. Thanks to catsmeat for brit-picking and girlandetc for the beta. Feedback is encouraged.

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Feedback, feedback, rah rah rah!
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Fic: R/S "Empty Chairs at Empty Tables"

Title: Empty Chairs at Empty Tables
Author: turnedskyward
Rating: R
Pairings: Remus/Sirius
Summary: A little bit AU. Sirius is an utter asshole and enjoys hurting poor Remus.
Author's Notes: Based on one of my drabbles for queerditch_pub. Thanks to karenhealey for the beta. Crossposted to turnedfic (my fiction journal), remusxsirius, and remus_centric. I love feedback!

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Feedback is GREATLY appreciated.